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A Friendly Dentist
downtown Vancouver!

If you need reliable, professional dentists to enhance your smile in downtown Vancouver, look no further! Located in Yaletown, our state of the art equipment and relaxing environment give you the best dental experience possible. These are essential for crafting this experience.
Dentist holding plastic tooth

Gentle and experienced staff.

A light and gentle touch from our staff is the pride of Homer Dental. We are happy to provide a full range of dental services, including dental care and check-ups, Zoom! Whitening, bridges, crowns, veneers, mercury free fillings, Invisalign, and more. Every member of our team is dedicated to making your visit a relaxed and comfortable one.
A women and a child smiling in field in Vancouver

Your smile reflects your health.

Did you know that healthy teeth and gums are essential to maintaining overall good health? Poor dental health has been shown to be related to a wide variety of other health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease. That's why it's so important to visit your Vancouver dentist on a regular basis.

Keep those teeth shining!

So if you want to keep dazzling with a healthy smile, your first step is to schedule an appointment in our Yaletown dentistry centre. Call our office, or click our appointment book to set up your first appointment with Homer Dental.

Call us today! 604-408-2408

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